Geipel Brewing

Craft Lager from North Wales

Gellioedd, North Wales


The Bock style originated in 17th century Munich as a strong dark lager. Lighter (Maibock), stronger (Doppelbock) and even stronger (Eisbock) styles followed but the original Bock style remains the standard bearer for strong lagers. By definition, it must have an original gravity greater than 16.3 ºP and in practice has a high final gravity too leaving lots of flavour and sweetness. Just enough noble hops are used to balance the sweetness and thus let the flavour be dominated by malt.


As a lager specialist, we got fed up with Britains associating “lager” with bland mass-produced fizz. So we set out to brew a lager that was as far from the stereotype as possible and the traditional German Bock style fit the bill. Our Bock is essentially a souped-up version of Zoigl with the flavours turned up to 11. The result is a balanced mix of rich, complex flavours and aromas that will make you rethink what “lager” means.

Bock in Tankard.jpg

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 20

OG: 16.6 ºP

Malts: 🇩🇪 Munich, 🇩🇪 Pilsner

Hops: 🇩🇪 Hersbrucker

Bock 500ml.jpg

Taste: Bitter malted toffee

Aroma: Chocolate cherry melon